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Fruits Vaud Genève

The client's needs

Fruits-Vaud-Geneva (formerly Union Fruitière Lémanique) identifies fruit producers and sellers in the Lake Geneva region. They approached us to give a new life to their website and to increase their visibility through a Facebook campaign. Following this first collaboration, the client asked us to create a new visual identity.

technologies used

  • CakePHP logo


  • MySQL logo


  • Javascript logo


work done

  • Radu Marmaziu logo Radu Marmaziu
    • UX/UI design
    • development
  • Jonas Reymondin logo Jonas Reymondin
    • UX/UI design
  • Cédric Cholley logo Cédric Cholley
    • development
    • product search system
    • tailor-made administration
    • interactive map

Visual concept
The multitude of products that Fruits-Vaud-Geneva lists has given us the unique opportunity to create a very dynamic website whose visual identity is directly inspired by the fruits themselves. Each fruit is thus associated with a color code in the form of a gradient that occurs each time the fruit in question appears (buttons, news, story, internal page).

Interactive map
Dynamic map to find the points of sale of each fruit and the associated producers.

We created the custom site using a PHP framework and designed a personalised admin area for the client.

E-marketing campaign
The launch campaign for the new internal website. We used the Facebook carousel to highlight the fruits of the season and thus promote the launch of the site.

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The kernel almond, which is often very bitter, contains a violent poison called hydrocyanic acid, when consumed in very high doses of course.

  • Duration of collaboration 4 years
  • Completed projects 9
  • Unique Visits 58K
Fruits Vaud Genève Fruits Vaud Genève

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