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Company of the Port and Baths of Moratel in Cully

SPBMC's objective is to operate and maintain two harbors, a beach, a campground and a restaurant. To meet their needs, a complete redesign of their website was necessary. We worked with Serendipity Agency who handled the visual identity, while bebold developed the site as well as a custom booking system.

technologies used

  • Laravel logo


  • MySQL logo


  • Nuxt JS logo

    Nuxt JS

  • Javascript logo


  • Stripe logo


work done

  • Radu Marmaziu logo Radu Marmaziu
    • project management
    • design
    • directing
  • Jonas Reymondin logo Jonas Reymondin
    • Front-End development
    • tailor-made administration
  • Quentin Meyer logo Quentin Meyer
    • Back-End development
    • tailor-made administration
    • reservation management
    • online payment
  • Cédric Cholley logo Cédric Cholley
    • reservation management

Orlane Perey, friend of Radu and bebold's partner at Serendipity Agency, was commissioned to create SPBMC's new visual identity. Having worked together on many occasions, Orlane naturally suggested that we design the SPBMC website, a logical extension of the new identity. Serendipity Agency took care of the design, while our agency developed the site and its functionalities. The most complex task was the custom-made reservation form for the campsite. This form contains a lot of options that required special attention in its design. The booking is concluded by a summary sent to the customer and the administrator just after the online payment. This was done using the Stripe API in order to allow most Swiss payment methods.
This tailor-made design required creativity, as we imagined the reservation models of a camping place, but also technical skills with the mission to make a business work digitally.
The SPBMC committee can now directly manage reservations and orders, while viewing them in a monthly calendar.

Enjoy the visit of the site and book your camping vacation!

  • #0033a0
  • #8dc8e8
  • #ffffff
  • #ffd100

My grandmother always told me: "When two tents don't touch, it makes an alley"

Camping, Film, 2006

  • Total of working hours 358
  • Bookings per year ~1000
  • Number of spots 43

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