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Atelier Nova

architects of tomorrow

Atelier Nova offers architectural solutions that are out of the ordinary, based on innovative and qualitative resources.

technologies used

  • Laravel logo


  • MySQL logo


  • Vue JS logo

    Vue JS

  • Nuxt JS logo

    Nuxt JS

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work done

  • Radu Marmaziu logo Radu Marmaziu
    • project management
    • directing
  • Jonas Reymondin logo Jonas Reymondin
    • UX/UI design
    • Front-End development
  • Quentin Meyer logo Quentin Meyer
    • Back-End development
    • tailor-made administration

In 2020, Atelier Nova contacted us to give their website a new lease of life so that it would reflect their architecture: modern and innovative. bebold created a dynamic, interactive and luminous site, with a custom CMS administration built around their needs.
After more than a year of service, Atelier Nova told us that the projects were not highlighted enough, especially with regard to the photographic work. The company wanted to put more emphasis on the images across the entire width of the devices to create more immersion in their work.

bebold therefore carried out a second redesign of the site. We redesigned the site and started from scratch for the visual part. Our system allowing us to do so, we kept the same robust Back-End architecture based on Laravel PHP and Laravel Nova, but we completely redesigned the Front-End part from the UX to the UI. The main changes were the simplification of interactions, the improvement of the speed of navigation and the enhancement of projects by displaying them full screen.

The result is an elegant, structured and nuanced site that highlights the values of Atelier Nova.

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Atelier Nova

  • Total of working hours 129
  • Duration of the project 6 months
  • Number of collaborators 6
Atelier Nova Atelier Nova

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